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Personal Injury Law

Serving Langley, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Surrey, White Rock, Fraser Valley

When a PERSONAL INJURY impairs or threatens any aspect of your employment, we use our workplace law expertise and personal injury law backgrounds to maximize your claim. Compensation for lost income or other employment losses is often the largest portion of a settlement. We capitalize on areas within our expertise where other personal injury lawyers may struggle, including: 

  • Loss of retirement savings and pension benefits resulting from workplace absence
  • Loss and/or mishandling of health and insurance benefits
  • Loss of promotion, seniority, and succession opportunities in employment
  • Concurrent WorkSafeBC, long term disability insurance, and CPP claims
  • Constructive dismissal claims arising from demotions or reduction in pay/hours
  • Human rights claims triggered by discrimination or failure to accommodate personal injuries 
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