Fraser Valley Employment & Injury Law*
Fraser Valley Employment & Injury Law*

Employment Lawyers

Serving Langley, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Surrey, White Rock, Fraser Valley

We are experienced in all aspects of employment law including:

  • Compliant employment opportunity advertising
  • Compliant new employee hiring, including interview question techniques
  • Employment offers, including drafting, vetting and critique
  • Employment contracts and agreements, including drafting, vetting and assessment
  • Severance packages, offers and agreements, including preparation, drafting and opinion
  • Employee aspects of business start-up, re-organization, mergers, acquisitions & closure
  • Employment policies, codes of conduct and handbooks, drafting, revisions and critique
  • Wrongful dismissal opinions, strategy, negotiation, mediation and litigation
  • Constructive dismissal opinions, strategy, negotiation, mediation and litigation
  • Employee discipline and discharge, termination planning and separation strategy
  • Retirement planning, strategy, negotiation and litigation
  • Employee attendance, truancy and absenteeism
  • Employee health and disability issues, including disability management compliance
  • Employer-Employee relations
  • Workplace harassment and discrimination
  • Employment Standards Complaints and Tribunal Hearings
  • Workplace privacy compliance and strategic planning
  • Confidentiality Agreements, employer intellectual property, enforcement and injunctions
  • Non-Competition Agreements/Unfair competition, opinions, strategy, enforcement
  • Non-Solicitation Agreements opinions, strategy, enforcement
  • Fiduciary obligations, opinions, strategy and enforcement
  • Injunctions, Mareva Orders and Anton Piller Orders
  • Mediation, arbitration, litigation, trials, summary trials, judicial review and appeals
  • Workplace investigations
  • Canada Employment Insurance claims
  • Canada Pension Plan and disability claims
  • WCB, WorkSafeBC, Review Division, Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Group Insurance benefits, including extended health, long-term and short-term disability benefits, accidental death and dismemberment, life, dental, negotiation, variation, claims, interpretation, etc. 
  • Pensions and retirement savings benefits
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal

We have represented clients in these and all types of employment law disputes before the:

  • BC Provincial Court
  • BC Supreme Court
  • BC Court of Appeal 
  • BC Director of Employment Standards (Delegate/Branch level)
  • BC Employment Standards Tribunal
  • WorkSafeBC (Board level)
  • WorkSafeBC Review Division
  • Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal
  • Canada Industrial Relations Board
  • BC Human Rights Tribunal
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal
  • EI Board of Referees and Umpire
  • Canada Social Security Tribunal
  • Various other boards, tribunals and statutory administrative decision-makers
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