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FV Employment Law wrongful dismissal class action against Sears is "Lawsuit of the week" in BIV Magazine


Fraser Valley Employment Law represents a class of up to 92 former employees of Sears Canada’s BC home services division in a class action wrongful dismissal claim in BC Supreme Court.This class action was declared "Law Suit of the Week" recently by Business in Vancouver!


Managing Lawyer and Director of Fraser Valley Employment & Disability Law, Ash R. Ayliffe, successfully represented his disabled client through trial in BC Supreme Court in Chilliwack, the result of which recently occupied the front page of the Chilliwack Times. 


Chiliwack man awarded $40,000 for being hit off bike by dog

Chilliwack Times - September 3, 2014


A Chilliwack man riding his bike as part of a WorkSafeBC rehabilitation program was further disabled from work when an off-leash dog knocked him to the ground causing serious injuries. In a written judgment rendered in BC Supreme Court in Chilliwack on Aug. 19, 2014, the Honourable Justice Brian Joyce awarded Ash R. Ayliffe’s Client $25,000 in non-pecuniary damages, $13,068 in lost earning capacity and $1050 for damages to his bike. 

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Ash R. Ayliffe was quoted in the Abbotsford News for his expert opinion regarding disability benefits under the Canada Employment Insurance scheme.


Injured Woman hit by government bill

Abbotsford News - November 13, 2013


An injured single mom in Mission was shocked to receive a bill for $1,940 from Service Canada from an overpayment on her employment sickness benefits. As she recovers from a serious car accident, she is further stressed by the high monthly payment the government demanded....


Going after overpayments and unpaid debts is standard practice for the government, and HRSDC is well within its rights to recover debts by withholding future payments, explained Ashley Ayliffe, workplace law lawyer ....


"They (HRSDC) have quite extraordinary powers to execute, and they usually have the beneficiary... over a barrel, because they're the ones that hold the money that could be paid out in future benefits," said Ayliffe. 


"I think the real problem is (medical) EI doesn't have anything further for anybody after 15 weeks, and that's a serious problem," said Ayliffe. "Because after 15 weeks, you have to be better. And if you're better, you can have benefits. And if you're not, you can't have benefits, but you also can't find a job. That creates an obvious problem for people at week 16 who are still disabled that have used up their sickness benefits. They'll need to have another source."

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Fraser Valley Employment & Disability Law and its lawyers recognized in Bar Talk


Ash R. Ayliffe was recently recognized in BarTalk, a magazine published by the Canadian Bar Association, that discuses legal news and issues from across BC for launching a workplace law boutique law firm serving the Fraser Valley, being FV Employment & Disability Law:




Ash R. Ayliffe of Fraser Valley Employment & Disability Law co-authored a White Paper with the Tycuda Group Investment
entitled “Optimizing Your Organization’s Group Retirement Plan”.
Adobe Acrobat document [901.7 KB]
Ash R. Ayliffe contributed substantial legal drafting advice and expertise in a published handbook now guiding BC agricultural employers in their preparation of employee policy handbooks.
This handbook can be viewed here:
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]
Ash R. Ayliffe authored a full-length article in the respected Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies regarding the cost of consultation with First Nations to BC industry.
This handbook can be viewed here:
Cost of Duty Final Copy.pdf
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